Tenant Services

Inspections during your Tenancy

Regular inspections of the property you are renting are carried out to advise the landlord of how the property is being maintained and to keep them informed of any maintenance required. Bradfield BadgerFox respects the privacy of our tenants; the inspections that you can anticipate during your tenancy are detailed below. This will also give you an opportunity to meet with our Property Managers to bring to their attention any maintenance required on the home.

The Initial Inspection

Upon the commencement of your tenancy Bradfield BadgerFox will undertake an inspection detailing room by room the current condition of the home. You will then have the opportunity to review this condition report, add any items you feel are necessary to it and return to our office within seven business days. It is important and in your best interest to read the report carefully and provide us with any comments within the time frame provided on the report, as your Property Manager will refer back to this report at the end of your tenancy.

Periodic Inspections

During your tenancy Bradfield BadgerFox will issue you with written notice of periodic inspections of your home. Inspections are carried out six months from your tenancy start date and every six months thereafter. This will also give you an opportunity to meet with your Property Manager and discuss any issues that you may be having with your tenancy.

Moving Out Inspection

At the end of your lease term or upon vacating the property your Property Manager will complete a thorough and final inspection, of which they will use the initial inspection report as a reference. The moving out inspection is to ensure that there has been no damage to the property, beyond normal wear and tear, and ensure that no fixtures or fittings have been removed from the property.

Vacating a Premises

The Residential Tenancy agreement can be terminated in the following ways:

  • Fourteen (14) days written notice is to be given to your property manager should you wish to vacate the premises on the day your fixed term lease ends.
  • Once the fixed term agreement has expired Twenty One (21) days written notice must be given to your property manager prior to vacating.
  • If the landlord wants to sell the premises, you may be asked to vacate the premises by the time the sale is finalised. The landlord must give you at least Thirty (30) days written notice (after the contracts of sale have been entered into). This only applies after the fixed term has ended.
  • If you need to leave the premises prior to the end of your fixed term agreement, please contact your property manager to arrange details. Essentially rent is due up until a new tenancy is put in place together with any associated lease costs (advertising, letting fees, etc.) If you want to end the tenancy agreement early you should give as much notice as possible in writing. A phone call to confirm receipt of the letter is a good idea. Keep a copy of the letter. Breaking an agreement can be costly. A landlord can claim compensation for any loss suffered as a result of you ending a tenancy agreement early, so try and come to an agreement with the landlord/agent. Essentially rent is due up until a new tenancy is put in place together with any associated lease costs (advertising, letting fees, etc.) Your property manager will also be able to assist you with recommended cleaners and carpet cleaners should you require this after moving.

Smoke Alarms

From 1 May 2006, when the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Smoke Alarms) Regulation 2006 came into effect, the landlord is responsible for fitting a smoke alarm to the premises. The landlord has the right of access to fit the required alarm/s but must give at least 2 days' notice. The landlord must fit a new battery (if the alarm has a replaceable battery) at the beginning of the tenancy. During the tenancy you are responsible for replacing batteries unless physically unable, in which case you must advise the landlord that the battery needs to be replaced.