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Bob’s Guth’s Realestatements

Released every Wednesday since 2009, Bob Guths weekly Newsletter in an informative entertaining read that covers the current market.

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22 June, 2022
Investors – Tax Time Approaches

June is the best month of the year for real estate investors, says property columnist Anthony Keane. Why is it the best? Well, it's not because of the weather (except if you're one of those folk who prefer winter over the glorious heat and long days of an Aussie summer).

22 June, 2022
Anyone over 50 must read!

About three weeks ago I went to my cardiologist for my usual stress test. I hadn't been for three years due to Covid. With my runners on I passed the treadmill test and in-room scan with flying colours. My cardiologist suggested I return in a couple of years. 

8 June, 2022
We Are Looking Ok!

After yesterday’s interest rate hike Australia’s cash rate is now 0.85%. The table below shows the interest rate of numerous countries across the globe as well as the jobless rate.

1 June, 2022
Controvery Over Plaza In Knox Street

The NSW Government has allocated $4.75 million in funding to Woollahra Council to fund a new public plaza at Knox Street, Double Bay as part of the NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program, subject to Council meeting planning acceleration targets.

25 May, 2022
Post Election Property Prices

As the dust settles after Saturday’s Election all the geniuses, including banks and economic writers, are predicting a significant downturn in the property market.

11 May, 2022
Meet George Jetson

When thinking about how Australians might be living by the middle of the century, it’s easy to picture scenes of sky homes and robot butlers from ‘The Jetsons’, writes Vanessa De Groot, Property journalist for

4 May, 2022
Predicted Rate Rises Materialise

Interest rates have been in the news this week with the reserve bank increasing the cash rate by 0.25%.

27 April, 2022
Convert Empty Offices to Apartments to Save Cities

City office towers left vacant by the pandemic should be converted into apartment blocks says Australia’s largest unit developer, the billionaire Harry Triguboff, according to

20 April, 2022
Supersized Apartments Are Back In Demand

Developers across U.S. try to meet millennials’ needs and accommodate the shift to remote work reports Sami Sparber in an article in the Wall Street Journal.